Chocolate Filled Cookies

These delicious Chocolate Filled Cookies are a delightful treat for any chocolate lover.

The soft and chewy plant-based cookie dough is filled with a luscious, melty vegan chocolate center.

– Vegan butter – Cane sugar – Brown Sugar – Plant milk – All-purpose flour – Baking soda – Baking powder – Salt – Vegan chocolate,  we used 7th Heaven's Classic Chocolate Bar and their "Cookies & Cream" Bar

What you need:

To prepare the cookie dough, cream together vegan butter, cane sugar, and brown sugar. Add vanilla extract, plant milk, baking soda, powder, salt, and flour, mixing until combined.

How to make chocolate filled cookies?

Fold in chopped vegan chocolate and chill the dough.

Scoop balls of dough onto a lined sheet.

Press down chocolate pieces onto each, top with another scoop of dough, and seal the edges.

Bake! Allow the cookies to cool slightly before enjoying them.

Get the detailed recipe with measurements, tips and tricks via the link below!