German Cinnamon Rolls


What is Franzbrötchen?

Imagine cinnamon rolls and croissants had a baby, and you will end up with German cinnamon rolls aka Franzbrötchen!

You will love this recipe:

– Vegan (eggless and dairy-free) – Made with simple ingredients – Buttery, crunchy and soft at the same time! – German baking made plant-based – Comfort food!


– flaky puff pastry (instruction on how to make it vegan and from scratch via the link below included) For the filling: – cane sugar – ground cinnamon – vanilla sugar (optional)

Ingredients to make  puff pastry:

– all-purpose flour – full-fat coconut milk  – active dry yeast – cane sugar – A pinch of salt – flaxseed meal – vegan butter (use sticks, do not use a spread)

How do I fold puff pastry?

How do I make the German cinnamon rolls?

Details, tips and instructions via the link below!