Hasselback Apples with Crumble

You will love this recipe!

– Vegan (no eggs & dairy free) – Easy & quick to make – Simple ingredients – Cozy vegan fall recipe – Plant-based comfort dessert

How to

– Cut an apple in half lengthwise, and core it with a spoon (or small cookie scoop).

Starting at the outermost edge, cut with a sharp knife almost, but not all the way, through each apple half. Since the apple is cored, make your cuts shorter coming towards the middle.

 Leave around 3 to 4 mm (⅛ - inch) of space in between the cuts.

Prepare crumble, assemble in baking dish and bake!

Serve with scoops of ice cream, caramel sauce drizzles and candy as decoration.

Details, tips and printable recipe via the link below!