How to make  vegan  Brown Butter

What is brown butter?

Browning butter is a French technique, also known as buerre noisette, used to cook and color dairy butter.

Browning and adding butter to food is supposed to enrich the flavor to add rich smokiness and depth of flavor to both savory and sweet foods.

For any vegan butter to brown, you need to imitate the Maillard reaction (the reaction between reducing sugars and proteins by the impact of heat).

How to

To imitate the Maillard reaction your plant-based butter needs to have both proteins and sugars, such as vegan butter that is based on nut milk.

Some plant-based butter is however oil-based. To help it recreate a Maillard reaction, you need to add protein and sugars to replicate it.

A great way to do so is by adding nuts to the composition!

More tips and details, a list of vegan butter brands that brown on their own, and vegan recipes that use brown butter via the link below.