Shredded Tofu

You will love this recipe:

– Vegan  (eggless and dairy-free) – Gluten-free – Easy to make – Flavorful and healthy meat substitute – Nutrient-dense and full of protein


You only need a block of firm tofu and seasonings.  This recipe uses a pulled pork-inspired seasoning, but if you are confident enough in the kitchen feel free to get creative with the seasonings!


Only minimal equipment is required! You need a cheese grater to shred the tofu, a bowl to mix the freshly shredded tofu with the seasoning, and a frying pan or baking sheet.


I also recommend a tofu press for pressing your tofu since it makes that process way easier and cleaner.  However, it is also possible to press your tofu with a heavy object such as books, plates and pots.

What do you do with tofu crumbles?

Tofu crumbles are versatile! Eat on their own, or use as a ground beef or ground turkey substitute in your meals.

Other ideas include:

pasta sauces, salads, buddha bowls, tacos, quesadillas, soups, stews, curry, casserole dishes, goulash, wraps, and more!

Get the full recipe and lots of tips for preparing tofu via the link below.