Tips to be a more sustainable tea drinker

Tea is the second most-consumed beverage after water.

But did you know that the tea industry faces serious sustainability challenges?

Some of the issues include labor rights issues, low wages and yields, as well as generally the climate crisis, and more.

1. Use local water

If you have safe drinking water, always choose tap water first. The less your water needs packaging and to travel the better!

2. Use an electric kettle

Using an electric kettle boils your water nearly twice as fast as on the stove, saving lots of energy (and if you’re using a gas stove, gas)!

3. Buy loose-leaf tea

For many, it is a surprise that most regular tea bags are made from plastic, polyethylene to be more specific.

Steeping your tea in these bags releases billions of nanoparticles of plastic into our teacup and thus, our bodies. In addition to that, the “paper” packaging these tea bags usually come in, has a plastic liner as well.

Compostable tea bags may exist, but they may still release plastic into the environment nonetheless. Brewing loose-leaf tea means no extra single-use materials and often comes in reusable and refillable tins.

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