Tofu Meatballs  (easy)

The recipe in a nutshell:

– Vegan (dairy-free & no eggs) – Easy-to-make – Only 10 ingredients – Bake, or air-fry

The recipe in a nutshell:

– Delicious and nutritious – Versatile: enjoy on their own, with your favorite sauce or glaze


- Tofu - Oat flour - Flax egg - Tomato ketchup or paste - Seasonings: miso, dijon, Italian, nutritional yeast, onion and garlic powder.

Serving ideas

- Pasta dishes (such as Carbonara, or Marinara) - Meatball Subs - In salads - Glazed - With Polenta - On mashed potato & gravy

The detailed printable recipe with tips and how-to instructions via the link below.