Tofu Tiramisu

(dairy-free and vegan)

The recipe in a nutshell:

- Vegan (egg and dairy free) - Made from scratch - Simple to make - Mascarpone cheese made out of silken tofu

What you'll need:

FOR THE LADYFINGERS CAKE cake flour, cornstarch, baking powder, salt, organic cane sugar, vegetable oil, plant milk, apple cider vinegar, vanilla sugar or vanilla extract

FOR THE ESPRESSO MIX  (cake will be dipped in it) espresso, or strong coffee, Marsala (Italian Dessert Wine, amaretto liquor, organic cane sugar

TOFU MASCARPONE silken tofu, coconut cream (chilled overnight), vanilla sugar or vanilla extract, organic cane sugar, a pinch of salt, a generous spritz of fresh lemon juice

Top your homemade Tiramisu with unsweetened cocoa powder. Then you're ready to enjoy it!

Get detailed instructions, measurments, and tips via the link below!