Vegan Pigs  in a Blanket

You will love this recipe

- Vegan (eggless and dairy-free) – Easy to make – Classic party snack veganized – Delicious and satisfying – Recipe includes a tasty onion dip recipe text

What you'll need:

- 16 oz vegan pastry dough - 34 small vegan cocktail wieners (Infos on where to buy or how to make them in the blog post, via the link below)

How to make

One of the reasons why pigs in a blanket are so popular is because they are crazy easy to make.  Grab your ingredients, roll out and cut the dough into triangles with a pizza cutter or knife.  Then roll your sausages into the dough. Bake (or air-fry) and enjoy! Read the article below for serving ideas and variations.

Silken Tofu Onion Dip

To make the dip from scratch you need:  -  Soft Silken Tofu Soft  – a large white onions – cloves of garlic – avocado oil (or extra-virgin olive oil) – agave syrup – vegan cream cheese – apple cider vinegar

Silken Tofu Onion Dip

– pickled jalapeños – nutritional yeast – smoked paprika powder – salt and pepper to taste – green onions, or crispy fried onions, as garnish (optional)

Learn how to make the dip and more details on the vegan pigs in a blanket via the link below!