Easy Cherry Compote  for your Sweets

You will love this recipe:

– Vegan (no egg & dairy-free) – Only 3 Ingredients – Made in 15 minutes – Versatile: add flavors like lemon, orange, vanilla or chili – Use to complement your sweets & baked goods


– Canned tart cherries and reserved juice from the can – Vegan cane sugar – Corn starch

Can I use other cherries than tart cherries?

Yes, absolutely! Any type of cherry will work.  Some of our favorite alternatives to use are morello, sour, fresh, or frozen cherries. Make sure the cherries you are using are pitted.

This cherry compote is versatile and easily flavored to fit your taste and needs.  I made a list with flavor variation ideas and when to add them. Click the link below, to read it.


Make this easy Cherry Compote and use it as a topping, or filling on cakes, ice cream, pancakes, oatmeal, and much more.

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More tips, ideas and and the full recipe via the link below.