Halloween Fortune Cookies

You will love this recipe:

– Unusual Halloween candy – Easy-to-make – Decorative and fun – No eggs & dairy-free – Vegan

What do I need to make Halloween fortune cookies?

To make these Halloween fortune cookies you need only a few ingredients!

– Fortune Cookies – Dairy-free white chocolate, or pre-colored – Food coloring, if using white chocolate – Halloween sprinkles

How to make Halloween Fortune Cookies?

1. Melt chocolate. 2. Then, dip the top part of a fortune cookie into the melted chocolate.

3. Immediately, over a clean bowl, sprinkle with Halloween sprinkles while holding the non-chocolate-dipped tips.

4. Place on the baking sheet for the chocolate to harden. Repeat until no melted chocolate remains.

5. Once hardened, serve and enjoy!

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