Olive Oil Coffee

Make Olive Oil Coffee  (Starbucks Oleato Copycat) at home! It is smooth and buttery, with a hint of hazelnut.

– Vegan  – Dairy-free and no eggs – Starbucks Oleato Coffee Copycat – Easy – Made in less than 10 minutes – Olive oil in coffee

– vegan barista milk – extra virgin olive oil – hazelnut syrup – vanilla extract – coffee


1. Mix ice-cold water and Instant coffee in a glass to make a quick coffee, or use cold brew.

How to make

2. In a jar, or milk pan, add all ingredients for the olive oil cold foam: barista milk, Davinci’s Premium EVOO, hazelnut syrup, and vanilla extract.

How to make

3. Fully submerge the milk frother. Turn on the frother and froth until the milk starts to thicken, slowly pulling the wand towards the top of the milk. Froth for about 15 to 20 seconds or until the foam is thick and stabilized.

How to make

4. Add ice to the coffee, then pour frothed milk on top of the iced coffee. Serve immediately. Enjoy!

How to make

Save money and make your favorite Starbucks treat from scratch via the link below!

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