Vanilla Ice Cream  (no eggs)

You will love this recipe:

– Vegan (no eggs + dairy free) – Gluten-free – Made with only 3 ingredients – No ice cream machine – Healthy ingredients – Whole Foods Plant Based – Ready in minutes

How do you make ice cream without an ice cream machine?

Luckily, this no-egg vanilla ice cream recipe does not require you to have an ice cream machine. All you need to make it is a high-speed blender or food processor and FROZEN BANANAS, plus vanilla bean, extract or sugar.

Won't it taste like banana?

It will have a slight undertone of banana flavor, but believe me, it is really subtle! Especially after it is flavored with vanilla.  Using bananas is not only adding fiber and nutrition to your homemade ice cream but also gives it a fabulous creamy texture without having to use eggs or dairy.

Creamy Satisfying Healthy

Are you ready to make some ice cream?

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