Vegan Protein Balls  (no protein powder)

The recipe in a nutshell:

– Vegan  – Dairy free & no eggs – Gluten free – Easy to make – Made in under 15 minutes – Beginner friendly – Protein packed (tofu, müesli, nut butter & flax) – Healthy plant-based snack


– Firm Tofu – Müesli of choice – Peanut butter – Cocoa powder – Maple syrup – Dried seedless fruit of choice (eg dates, cherries) – Flax seed meal

Optional add-ins: a pinch of salt to enhance flavors, and instant coffee powder as a taste and energy booster. – To coat the vegan protein balls use more Müesli and/or coconut shreds.

How to make vegan protein balls without protein powder?

1. Press tofu (minimum 10 minutes, best overnight)

2. Mash tofu into small crumbs and add to the food processor. Add remaining ingredients and process until well combined.

3. With a small cookie scoop, or a spoon, form dough balls.

4. Leave uncoated, or coat spread-out muesli, or coconut shreds in a shallow plate and roll balls in it. Enjoy!

More tips, and detailed printable recipe via the link below!

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