Learn the secrets to making your own authentic German Vegan Schnitzel from scratch.

You can make a bunch and keep them in the freezer for later – perfect for your meal prep and quick dinners.

Plus, each schnitzel costs less than $2! Tasty, easy to make, and budget-friendly – all in one awesome recipe!

The base of the vegan schnitzel is made with seitan:

– vital wheat gluten – chickpea flour – nutritional yeast – garlic & onion powder – black pepper & salt – vegetable broth – soy sauce – tahini

The seitan dough is then divided and rolled out into cutlets.

Then the cutlets get cooked in broth before being breaded.

Finally, your vegan Schnitzel are ready to be cooked! Pan-fry, air-fry or bake them.

Get the detailed recipe, how-to instructions, serving ideas, and more helpful tips via the link below!