Vegan Summer Rolls (with avocado & carrot salmon)

You will love this recipe:

– vegan (no eggs & dairy free) – Easy-to-make – Light meal for hot days – Asian-style food made plant-based – Healthy and filling


To make summer rolls at home you need just a few simple ingredients: – round rice paper wrappers – filtered water – fillings of your choice

Filling idea

– vegan salmon – ripe avocado – cooked Chinese noodles – cucumber

A sauce or vinaigrette in which to dip your summer rolls rounds up this dish.

Our sesame tahini vinaigrette is tangy, slightly creamy, and full of umami flavors!

To make it you need: – soy sauce – white vinegar – sesame oil – tahini – white sesame seeds

Serving ideas, tips, and full recipe with instructions via the link below!